Green Highlands Trail

Stages: 6 | Distance: 402km | Unpaved: 74%

The Green Highlands Trail is located in Western Uganda and leads you from the high mountainous area of Bwindi down to beautiful and green Kalisizo close to Lake Victoria. The trail features a hilly route through an unbelievable environment of 1000 shades of green: the tropical rainforest in bwindi, the vast banana plantations in Mbarara and the exciting plains of Lake Mburo National Park.

Victoria Nile Trail

Stages: 5 | Distance: 340km | Unpaved: 90%

The Victoria Nile Trail starts from the shores of Lake Victoria, leaps to the Ssese Islands in the middle of this majestic waterbody and ends at the source of the longest river on this planet that it feeds: The Nile. You will cruise through small villages and rural areas near the lake, get a first hand experience of local fishermen's life and smell the delicious scent of grilled tilapia and nile perch prepared on local barbecues at the lake bank.

Elgon Trail

Stages: 5 | Distance: 340km | Unpaved: 90%

The Elgon Trail stretches from Jinja to the border of Karamoja in Eastern Uganda. The trail builds up with relatively flat stages until it passes through Tororo after which the great battle on the slopes of Mount Elgon will commence. ++62Breathtaking panoramic views, especially the one from Wanale ridge, and wonderful waterfalls are inseparably connected to this route.

Warrior Normad Trail

Stages: 6 | Distance: 370km | Unpaved: 87%

The warrior nomad trail is the perfect way to discover Uganda’s untamed northeast. Experience Karamoja by following the cattle paths of the nomadic warriors and learn about the pastoral culture. Cycle over community trails through the villages and ride over abandoned colonial roads to discover the raw wilderness in parks like Kidepo Valley National Park and Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve.